The beginning. . .

I first discovered patisserie as a young boy of ten, helping
my father to deliver milk to our local patisseries. Drawn by the aroma of hot croissants, fresh from the oven, I was fascinated by the Chefs Patissiers with their inherited skills and techniques.

I remember standing there watching and thinking to myself
they were like magicians, transforming noble ingredients into wonderful and highly prized creations that would be seen in the shop front window. From then on, I was determined to discover for myself how to make these marvelous creations. So began my lifelong passion for fine patisserie.

Since that time years ago, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the masters of patisserie, each one inspiring me even further to search for fresh ideas and the finest ingredients, which I am delighted to present to you as Didier’s Patisserie.

I hope you have enjoyed the taste and flair of authentic traditional techniques and have been left amazed and exhilarated with the very finest patisserie.

Thank you,

Didier Merveilleux, Founder of Didier’s Patisserie.